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Candida Diet Food List

At first glance, it may seem like there’s nothing left to eat once you eliminate all of the foods to avoid on the Candida diet food list. You can eat well, and enjoy your meals even without the items you have to give up. It is important to know what foods you should not eat at all, and which ones you can eat in small amounts so that you can plan wisely. It’s even possible to enjoy snacks and after meal goodies when you know how to make Candida diet desserts.

The Enemy

Let me introduce you to the main enemy when it comes to Candida: Sugar. The problem is, so many times sugar hides in foods where you don’t expect it to be. That’s why it is so important to read the labels on foods you buy and prepare. During the initial phases of the Candida diet, you have to eliminate any traces of sugar from your diet. Make sure you know all of the forms sugar can take because there are many different types of sugar. Look for sugar content on the nutritional labels, and also read each ingredient to be sure it isn’t sneaking around in there.

Delicious Alternatives

During the first stage of the Candida diet you can enjoy almost all vegetables. There are some you need to avoid, because even some vegetables contain natural sugar, and sugar is sugar no matter where it comes from. Vegetables you can eat number in the hundreds. Just make sure you leave out any starchy vegetables such as corn, potatoes, squash with the exception of zucchini, beets, parsnips, and beans with the exception of green beans, sweet potatoes, peas and yams.

Always select fresh vegetables, because frozen and canned versions are loaded with preservatives that add to the toxins in your body you are trying to get rid of.

Cooking on the Candida Diet

Anti-Candida diet preparations require cooking without fatty oils. That means steaming or grilling are your best alternatives. You can bake or broil as well so long as you don’t use oil or grease to line pans.

Delicious Candida Diet Desserts

Plain yogurt is an important part of reintroducing good bacteria into your system. It contains probiotics that feed your healthy bacteria to keep your system in check. Plain yogurt not only makes a great Candida diet dessert, but also is a good Candida diet breakfast choice. An additional Candida diet breakfast entry is eggs. Poached or hard-boiled eggs give you a boost of protein with no sugar or mold.

Feel Free to Eat Meat

Believe it or not, high protein meats are your friend on the Candida diet. Meat has absolutely no sugar or mold, and is very filling. Your anti-Candida diet should include a portion of fresh, organic meat whenever possible, and most Atkins recipes are a good choice for a Candida diet because they also contain no sugar. However, be careful to avoid processed meats such as corned beef, or lunch meat, bacon and spam. These meats lose their benefits because they have high levels of preservatives and additives. Stick with grilled or steamed fish, beef and chicken.

Nuts to it All

Most nuts are high in protein and do not have sugar. They are a great Candida diet snack, or addition to a meal. Some nuts such as peanuts can have a high mold content, and should either be soaked well in water, or sprayed with a diluted grapefruit seed extract to get rid of any mold, or just avoided altogether.

Scrub Your Colon

You can help clean out your system with healthy, non-glutinous grains. They pull out toxins as they pass through your intestines. Eating cereal made from buckwheat, quinoa or adding wild or brown rice to your meals gives you delicious ways to add bulk to fill you up on the Candida diet.

Spice up Your Candida Diet

Yeast and mold that are toxic and cause Candida infections hate spicy foods. Yep, pile on the pepper; add garlic, black pepper, cayenne and cilantro liberally. All herbs are high in anti-oxidant properties, as well as anti-fungal properties, and they have additional health benefits as well, so feel free to spice up your food with oregano, paprika, thyme, turmeric, cloves, cumin, basil, dill and other healthy herbs.

The Salt of Life

Along with black pepper, seasonings such as salt, sea salt and lemon juice will help liven up the foods on your Candida diet. Herbal tea along with plenty of fresh spring water round out the Candida diet food list and provide hydrating and soothing relaxation at the end of the day too.

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