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Does the Suzanne Somers Diet Work?

Suzanne Somers looks terrific and has been selling diet and exercise equipment, gear, books, and advice for decades.  Somersizing does have appeal, who wouldn’t want to be her size?  But does the Suzanne Somers Diet actually work?

Phase one of the Suzanne Somers Diet eliminates what she refers to as “funky foods” such as sugar, white flour, avocado, banana, sweet potato, nuts, whole milk and whole yogurt.  One positive factor, many of these are high on the glycemic index, which allows blood sugars to rise rapidly.   Choosing foods with a lower glycemic index releases glucose slowly into the blood stream, allowing the body to be better regulated.  Fiber is common with low glycemic foods, and this helps the body feel full longer, aiding weight control.  Health experts recommend the use of the glycemic index to assist in the management of diabetes and weight control.

Food combinations, meal planning, and recipes are part of the program with suggested guidelines that include the following:

  • Always eat fruit on an empty stomach
  • Combine vegetables with fats and proteins, no carbohydrates
  • Combine carbohydrates with vegetables, no fat
  • Wait three hours between meals

Phase two is designed for maintaining weight loss and even allows wine, chocolate, cheese, and olive oil.  The diet allows for variety, which counteracts boredom, emphasizes fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins of high quality, and even suggests exercise three times a week.

Does it actually work?

The answer is yes.  Eliminating high glycemic foods is a well established method for controlling weight, as these foods keep glucose levels more stable in the body, and are digested more slowly, helping the body feel fuller longer.  This can help dieters avoid overeating, snacking, and feeling too hungry between meals.

The thought that certain foods combine to fight fat is not based on accepted scientific evidence.  Calorie count is what determines weight loss, and the simple fact of eating fewer calories than the body burns leads to weight loss.  This diet does in fact lead to lower calorie intake, so will lead to weight loss if followed.

Another positive outcome?  Many followers of the Suzanne Somers Diet have reported improved digestion and a lessening of gastrointestinal problems.  To ensure proper amounts of vital nutrients, consider taking a multivitamin and calcium supplement.

The Suzanne Somers Diet is affordable.  Books are available for less than $25, including a recipe book.  Online communities with free access are available and can help when extra support is needed.  Plus, many recipes, such as ones for low glycemic salads, and helpful hints are available online.  Many dieters find the stories in her books to be inspirational.

Most importantly, the foods are common, and available to everyone at the grocery store or supermarket.  Regular grocery shopping for common foods is a plus in any diet plan.  Followers feel it is a diet the whole family can follow.  Some have found that, after time, if weight started to creep back on, it was simple to reevaluate their meals and get back to following the Suzanne Somers Diet with added success.

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